Roman Mosaic in Cyprus

Welcome to the Cornaro Institute in Cyprus


The Cornaro Institute is an arts, cultural and educational organisation which works closely with the Municipality of Larnaca and other organisations in Cyprus and abroad, to promote art, culture and education in Cyprus.


This includes providing studio space for artists from Cyprus and abroad, organising art exhibitions, staging lectures and  conferences and arranging educational programmes ranging from art classes to IELTS English language lessons .


We are based in Larnaca in a beautiful historic building not far from St Lazarus Cathedral. 


If you are an artist looking for studio space in Cyprus for a short or long period, or if you are an academic looking to arrange teaching space or a conference on the island then please do get in touch.


If you are a member of the public, look out for our exciting and changing exhibition programme, our public lectures and other events that will help to reveal the history, culture and environment of Cyprus.